Several years ago, after writing the first few volumes of the Catholic Once Upon a Time Series, I had fun putting together some “book trailers” for my stories. Some of them still need a little editing work that I haven’t been able to finish due to technical difficulties with the movie editing program,to make the font easier to read (for example, I didn’t learn about outlining the white-colored letters with a darker color until later), and to take out mention of the novels’ availability on the Createspace eStore (which is no longer operating since the merge with KDP),but they nevertheless make for enjoyable viewing with great music and neat pictures/and videos. I have uploaded most of these old book trailers onto a special sub-domain, which you can go to by clicking on the link below. Despite their shortcomings, I hope that you have fun watching them too! . . .I intend, God willing, to produce more in the future. Look forward to it! ;o)

Book Trailers at Books by Angela Marie Michaels