The Catholic Colonies Series | The Catholic Colonies: Part 1

The Catholic Colonies Part 1 front cover image

     The rightful King of Christland has just reclaimed the throne that was usurped by his half-brother. He attempts to Catholicize the Sanguis Christi Isles, otherwise known as the Catholic Coloniesthe recently acquired territory that now belongs to his kingdom, and which largely serves as a penal colony. But his half-brother, who is on the loose, and is still determined to take back the throne, has other plans. . .Will he succeed?


     Troubles abound in the Colonies. . .and young orphan Edwin Noland gets caught up in the midst of them. . .Under suspicion for theft of a grave nature, he could be convicted and hung. Can he clear his name, and find a real home at last? 


     Danger lurks around every corner. Deadly secret societies, dangerous convicts, and bloodthirsty savages are only some of the threats that Noland must confront in The Catholic Colonies. An exciting new novel by Angela Marie Michaels, author of the Catholic Kingdom Series, the Catholic Once Upon a Time Series, and the epic Evangelistae Kingdom Chronicles: Books One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.



Publication date: 2018 Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5" Print length: 320 pgs Price: --



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